Lately I have been super exhausted. I have been around people or have had guests in my house for 3 weeks straight. While I love people, I also love alone time and time to just be.

I find when I am people tired i have a hard time encouraging myself to keep going and to accomplish the things that I need to accomplish. I feel like I am tired to the bones.

I forget to make time for myself when I have people in my home or in town. I forget to set aside time to remind myself that I matter. Or time to be with my own thoughts. It is no wonder why I get so exhausted.

I find it hard to not let the exhaustion overtake me and wipe me out all day.

I have noticed that if i love and encourage myself instead of shame myself for feeling this way, i feel lighter and a bit more driven to accomplish things even when i want to sleep for three days straight.

I think shame makes me more tired. Feeling false guilt (guilty for no reason) makes me tired. Telling myself that I am being unreasonable and not validating my feelings makes me tired. Numbing out makes me tired.

If i just take 5 minutes to tell myself “hey i know you are super tired. It is okay to be super tired. You are doing great. You have so much strength. You can do this. Just a little bit longer and then you get to rest. You got this. It is okay to struggle. You are still enough.” I can feel a little more energy and life in me.

Kind words help you bloom. Mean words will tear you down. Pay attention to how you speak to yourself especially when you are struggling or having a hard time. Those are the times when you need to be the most loving and patient with yourself. You are only human, give yourself some slack.

I still struggle with letting myself rest. Taking time to do nothing. Taking time to remind myself i matter. Journal. Bubble bath. A nice meal. A nap. A movie. Whatever it is, schedule time for yourself. This is not being lazy, this is taking care of yourself.

You can do nothing, and still be enough.

From someone who struggles to be patient with herself,

From someone who struggles to make time for herself,

From someone who is enough, exactly who she is,

From someone like you,