I have been Gluten-free for about 8 years now. Before you roll your eyes, i have been gluten free because i have an auto immune disease. My thyroid attacks itself.

The thyroid is in charge of producing the hormones that regulate the metabolism, heart, digestive function, muscle control, brain development, mood, and bone maintenance. So it is in charge of a lot of things, and many things can go wrong if it is not working correctly.

I was diagnosed with this when i was 11. Which is SUPER young, usually women are in their 40’s when diagnosed.

When i eat things that my body cannot handle or process, it makes my thyroid work extra hard. Since then we have realized that my body cannot handle gluten or process Gluten. Bye bye gluten.

When i started to be gluten free I had a lot of hate and judgement around it. People thought i was just doing it to be trendy or skinny. I would constantly have comments made about the food i would or would not eat. I would get body comments. I would always hear that i am making this up and that i am just fine.

It was super hard with all of the comments i got. No one understood how crappy i felt. I get from the outside i looked super healthy, i played sports, and i was a good student. Everyone thought i was nuts, even family members.

When i did eat gluten i got brain fogged and could not think straight. It was like i needed a nap or to pass out right after eating it. The next day it felt like someone was stabbing my guts. Not fun.

I decided i did not want to feel like that. I hate feeling gross and sick so if i have to avoid foods to do that i will.

As a society we have such a negative relationship with food. There are people who won’t eat to look a certain way. There are people who cannot stop eating. There are people who feel guilt when they eat. There are people who cannot handle a lot of foods.

There is so much shame and hate around taking your health into your own hands. Paying attention to your body and knowing what hurts it and what makes you feel good. Not many people have the dicipline to eat in a way that they don’t feel crappy.

Not many people can eat things that fuel their bodies AND their soul without feeling guilty.

Eating healthy is good for you, as you know. But eating foods that you love is good for your happiness. (Not if they make you sick!!!!) But having a cookie every once in a while is good for you. Having ice cream, donuts, whatever it is is good for you. If you tell yourself “I shouldn’t be eating this” your making the belief around your food negative.

You are allowed to eat WHATEVER you want. No matter what someone has to say about it. It is YOUR body and you know what feels good and what feels gross. Honor that.

Stop eating things that make you sick, tired and crabby. You are hurting yourself. Also stop telling yourself that you will get fat if you have one cookie, or cupcake, or candy. You will not get fat if you eat them every once in a while.

Love yourself enough to say no to things that hurt you, and yes to things that help you. Say sometimes to the things that you love but aren’t the best for you.

I am giving you permission to stop explaining yourself. Only you know how you feel and what works for you.

You get to control what you eat and how you want to feel.

You get to control the thoughts you think about food.

Food is meant to fuel your body and that is a beautiful thing.

From someone who wants to feel good and energized,

From someone who struggles with shame around food,

From someone who is learning that she doesn’t have to explain herself,

From someone like you,