Have you ever put so much pressure on yourself that you messed yourself up?

Maybe you expect so much from yourself that you will never be able to meet.


I have a love hate relationship with that word. Growing up I was a perfectionist. I had to do everything right or perfect, or it wasn’t good enough– for me. Everyone else thought I was doing a great job, and told me to be nicer to myself. They would say to just do my best and be proud.

My best was never enough for me. I always felt like there could be things I could have done just a little bit better. I was never able to take a step back and be proud of all of the things that have gone right.

I was always always focused on what went wrong or what I could do better.

Wanting to improve is not bad. There will always be something we can improve or learn. It is when we forget that while we are improving– we are still enough just as we are.

My best would have been and is enough for me when I take time to look at how hard I work and all of the things I have done right. I am working on being more proud of myself for the good things and less disappointed in the not so good things.

It is suffocating when I put all of this pressure on myself to be perfect. I forget that perfect does not exist. I am striving for something I would never obtain AND setting myself up for failure and disappointment at the same time.

I don’t allow myself to be human if I am constantly mad at myself for not being perfect.

Trying to be perfect is no way to live. I know this fro m experience. There is so much beauty in learning from our mistakes and picking ourselves up when we fall. There is strength and courage in that. There is strength in being your own biggest fan. There are enough people who are rude to you, don’t be one of them.

Is there a place in your life where you need to be kinder to yourself?

Take some time today to reflect and give yourself credit on all of the things you do well and right. Be proud of yourself.

You can improve while being good enough at the same time.

You can mess up and still be proud of the things that you did well.

You don’t have to be perfect to be good enough.

From a recovering perfectionist,

From someone who stinks at giving herself credit,

From someone who is striving to be better each day,

From someone like you,